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Playing Online Poker has become hugely popular in recent years! And today millions of people still play online poker.  gamepokerqq We make life a little easier for you and provide a clear overview of the Best Poker Sites!

Why play online poker?

Playing in an online poker site has many advantages. First, of course that you don’t have to leave the house to be able to play. In the convenience of your own home you can play poker against players from all over the world. It is also a good way to learn how to play poker.

Online poker sites have many benefits. So you receive a nice welcome bonus when you first create an account at a poker site. They also have many interesting bonuses, promotions and prizes for their players.

10 poker tips for playing online poker

Patience is a virtue and a must!  The first poker tip but also the most important poker tip: Be patient and don’t play every hand! Sometimes it takes a while for a good hand to come. But don’t start playing out of frustration, wait quietly for the right hand.

Stay Focussed! Focus is extremely important! Do not play when you are drunk or stoned. Many people make this mistake, but you only take more risks and therefore make more mistakes.

It’s all about timing! Bluffing is having the right timing! Try not to bluff too often, when you bluff too often other poker players will see you and you can lose a lot of money.

Play when you feel like playing! Only play online poker if you feel like it. If you have no other things on your mind so that you can fully focus on online poker.

Feel like home! Play in a poker room where you feel at home. It might take a while and you might have to try some poker rooms. But you play better in an environment where you feel good.

Watch and learn! Watch the other poker players. You may not see them, but you learn a lot from their poker behavior. Make notes! Many poker software give you the option to do this.

Start low, end high! Do not start directly on the high stakes tables. First try playing poker with small amounts. When you have enough experience you can start playing poker for the big money.

Never too old to learn! Read strategy articles. There are many articles and experiences from other players on the internet that can help you play better poker. Make sure you also know all the rules of Texas Hold’em or Omaha Poker or whatever variant you play!

Have fun!  As a final poker tip: Have fun in the game! Play for fun and don’t be too focused on the money you can earn.

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