Romantic Birthday Gifts Ideas for a Wife

Husbands always have the embarrassment of picking the perfect birthday gifts for their wife every year. Women don’t like be asked that what they really want. It’s the most important part is find out what she would really like. But now you needn’t scratch your head figuring out that perfect gift ideas for your special lady. You are the one who can really make her birthday a special time because you know your spouse best. And it’s also a great way to show how much you care about her.

Forget some old suggested gift ideas like flowers or jewelry. Start planning a romantic birthday for your wife.

You can never go wrong gifting in the following.

Romantic means just the two of you. Take her to a park or her favorite spot to have a romantic picnic. You can make arrangements to have a table set away from everyone else. In advance you should get flowers and candles on the table as well as some nice wine or champagne, sandwiches, and birthday cake. You lady absolutely will love this surprised gift idea.

If your budget is enough, purchase ahead two airline tickets and take her away for a quiet romantic weekend. Choose a destination depends on her taste. If she loves sunshine and swimming, choose the beach. Or if she enjoys sports, perhaps hiking is the best idea.

Send a special letter. Almost all women love to read romantic love letter even in this internet era. You don’t need to be a poet, just say what your real feelings that never say it out. A hand-written letter telling her how much you appreciate who she is, and how she has been the important part of your life. She needs the proof of your love which can show for a long period of time, and you’ve just given it to her.


Create a DVD slide show of photos scanned of your memories together and add a special song in it. Girls always love to hear a song belong to just you two. Record a special message between each selection. If you’re at a restaurant you can prepare in advance to play the video over their system. Everyone will focus on the happy woman. This is surely one of the most excellent gift ideas to show your love which makes her surprise and remember along the way.


The most important aspect in giving a romantic gift to her is that it is based on her likes and values. Pick up that bracelet, earrings, necklace or watch or what-ever piece you know she adores and find a bakery who will bake it into her favourite dessert. You may simply elect to put it into a cake and this is a great idea, however if your partner has a pastry or treat she absolutely loves it will impress her and what will impress her more is that you came up with this idea all by yourself and remembered such a personal and intimate detail about her.

It truly is all about the little things and the details!

Whereas the modern gift idea for the wedding anniversary would include a gift of jewelry made of gold or blue sapphire. Years of marriage is quite a milestone, whether that is a ring, or nano gold necklace, pendant, or bracelet, pin, or etc, the gift would be appropriate for you to show your wife your appreciate of the marriage. Think of the stories your wife would be telling when she wears the jewelry of the wedding anniversary.

Romance is about feeling.

Be sentimental and you will ultimately melt your lady’s heart. search for romantic gifts at The set has been tailor-made and designed of various materials and grades ranging from 925 Sterling Silver, 3 microns Gold Plated, 14 K White Gold, 14 K Gold, while the inscriptions are made of 24 K Pure Gold.